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September 16, 2014

My Proverbs 31 Wife

21 years ago today I helped celebrate the youth of a very special girl.

I can’t remember what we did, or what was said, but the child was put aside and a young woman emerged.

That 18th year was tough. The transition from carefree teenage angst to the responsibilities of parent, wife, and provider was abrupt. Honestly, we were kids raising each other.

Jamie TheVWM

The things I DIDN’T think about.

I never imagined…
her future.
our future.
                                    where we would live.
                                    our amazing sons.
                                    we would make it.

And I never imagined that I could ever be so proud of another person.

In the [C]hurch we like to talk about the Proverbs 31 wife. We wield it over our women as if it is a list of chores they need to do. But while Proverbs 31 speaks of a wife of noble character, I think the passage is more for us as men.

Here is how I read it:
Your wife is valuable. You should take care of her because she is the most priceless thing you own!
You need to trust her because if it wasn’t for her, you would be the same nothing you were before you met.
Remember, she wants the best for you.
When it comes to business, she is way more discerning than you. Let her handle the business stuff.
She knows where the best food is. Let her pick the restaurant for a change!
While you are still snug in your bed, your wife is making sure everyone eats: you lazy b@$?@%&!
Again, she is better at business than you! Let her handle the business stuff!
She’s a hard worker, and it shows.
Let her manage your 401k. She’ll do a better job than you and she will work day and night to make sure you have enough to retire.
Let her pick out your clothes. She knows quality and style a whole lot better than you. Just look at what you’re wearing!
Let her manage the charitable giving. She actually cares about people and will make sure the money goes to a good cause.
Listen to her. Yes its too cold for the kids to where shorts!
Give her carte blanche on the bedroom decor.  That’s her sanctuary and if she feels good there, you’ll feel good there. ;)
People only like you because of her. Lets be honest, you married up!
One more time with the business thing. Let her handle the business stuff!
Your wife is emotionally strong. She needs to be to put up with you!
She is way smarter than you think. You should try taking her advice from time to time.
She manages EVERYTHING! She’s not sitting around eating bon bons, she’s getting the kids fed, and dressed, and to school all while making sure the bills get paid and you have enough snacks when the guys come over to watch the game. Sure you work, but she works just as hard, if not harder!
You and the kids SHOULD be praising her. If you aren’t, its probably because you aren’t doing it enough.
There are a lot of great women out there, but your wife is the best! Remember that!
Don’t fool yourself. You have the greenest lawn on the whole street. You’ll never find anything better than the gem that you already have!
Let everyone know how great she is!

Jamie, I know I don’t say it enough, but I am super proud of you. You have made me the man I am today, because you are a Proverbs 31 wife!

Happy Birthday!

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